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Welcome to the Railroad Passenger Car Alliance


Sunday, 19-Jan-2020 23:18:50 EST


RPCA Annual Conference - Jan 16 - 20, 2020

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Conference Event Highlights

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Amtrak Privately-Owned Rail Cars web page

Amtrak has a new web page on there site of interest to RPCA members; Amtrak Private Car web link

Please bookmark this link on your devices.


Delays attributable to PV’s

The RPCA is in the process of collecting data of train delays of attributable to PV’s.

We need your help...
"All operators of Private Cars (PV’s) deal with train delays as a fact of life. At RPCA, we are committed to open communication with Amtrak about these and other topics relevant to their PV business.

Delays attributable to PV’s can include delays due to receiving services that we have paid for, such as receiving water; or delays in entraining or detraining our passengers and their baggage. These types of delays are not the fault of PV’s, but they will show on the Conductor’s Delay Report nonetheless. Other delays are largely unavoidable. For instance, I once had a car set out in the desert due to an overheated Timken AP wheel bearing. Though rare, they do happen, including to Amtrak’s equipment, and they usually don’t take long to develop.

In other cases, a delay may be charged to a PV simply because we’re easy targets.

We’d like to be made aware of all of the above. Any significant delays WILL be an agenda item on the next morning’s Conference Call, and it’s frequently helpful if the operator’s observations get communicated to Amtrak prior to that call.

RPCA is keenly interested in reducing delays involving Private Cars, and we urge you to take a moment when a significant one occurs to email your take on the situation to ...

You may also text to Burt Hermey at (714) 264-9167.

As Sgt. Friday on Dragnet would say, “Just the facts, please!” We will be discussing these with Amtrak. Ones that we think deserve immediate attention will be forwarded to CNOC.

Sometimes there are things that the operator can do to minimize or eliminate delays, and these will be the subject of future articles.”

We look forward to hearing from you!



 William Fuehring Fund Recipient


2019 Fuehring Fund Recipient


The William Fuehring Fund has one purpose, that is to make it easier for younger individuals to become active in the railroad industry. The fund was created to pay 100% the cost of the recipient to travel and attend the annual RPCA conference, hotel accommodations, attendance at any of the seminars, the annual banquet, and any additional activities. The upcoming annual conference is being held in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

We are pleased to announce that Brendan Forrest from the Lake State Railway is our 2019 recipient. This is made possible through the generous donations contributed by RPCA members.

About Brendan…..

Since April 2018, I have been employed by Lake State Railway, a member of the RPCA, as a locomotive machinist. Outside of my responsibilities as a mechanic, I also take an interest in the historical and mechanical significance of the railroad industry. Being a mechanical employee of Lake State provides me with the opportunity to work on and learn about the company's fleet of business passenger cars. These cars carry a lot of history on board and being able to service them and talk to the experts who come to assist with them, has been a highlight of my career. My passion for the industry extends outside of work as well. In my free time I like to travel to railway heritage sites and learn about the history of the industry. This includes museums and tourist operations such as the Steam Railroading Institute (SRI) in Owosso, Michigan. Attending this conference will allow me to experience other heritage operations outside of Michigan and beyond

Ray Kammer Jr.
William Fuehring Fund - Chairman



The Events and Excursions for Fall Trips

Please check them out, ride them while you still can....

New trip listed November 11, 2019 check it out!



 RailCamp East campers

2019 East RailCampers

2019 East camp RailCampers in Washington, DC

Photo by Greg Gerstung

Each year the RPCA, through the generosity of our members and our insurance vendors, strives to send at least two deserving youth to the NRHS RailCamps via our Caldwell-Luebke RailCamp Fund and the Stanlee E. Weller Fund.

Roy J. Wullich
RPCA - NRHS RailCamp Chairman


Amtrak across-the-board increase effective October 1.

Amtrak will be announcing a across-the-board increase of 2%, effective October 1 This information published will be on their website within the next day or so.
This is reported to be the only rate change for fiscal 2020.


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About Railroad Passenger Car Alliance

Founded in 1982, the Railroad Passenger Car Alliance was created as a resource to owners and operators of privately owned railroad passenger equipment. The primary goal was to coordinate efforts for pooling their equipment for mainline steam excursions. The popularity of the organization quickly grew and today includes over 400 members.


As mainline steam excursions ceased, the organization changed the mission statement to include promoting the preservation and operation of historic railroad equipment, addressing the issues facing equipment owners and working with the nation's railroads and Amtrak to facilitate the operation and movement of member's passenger cars.


Today RPCA is a growing and forward thinking organization led by a Board of Directors who are railroad industry professionals, and are capable of thinking outside the box. Dedicated to preserving a unique and enjoyable mode of transportation, R.P.C.A. welcomes your membership and participation.


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2016 Conference RPCA Trip in Tyler TX
2016 RPCA Conference trip in Tyler TX